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Composition feature

Photography is a collaboration of the technical with the creative. Once you’ve negotiated exposure, and how to manipulate light to paint your photos, it’s time to think about composition, or how you construct your photos and place your subject or subjects within the frame to create an image. 1. Pick your subject; tell your story […]

Lytro's Illum camera

Bold but true: Lytro’s light field technology is the most exciting thing to have happened to photography for as long as I can remember. Sure, in the past thirty years we’ve had digital taking over for film. First slowly, tentatively, then decisively. And now, in all but some very specialist fields, digital is objectively better […]

EV feature

Our cameras’ light meters are impressively accurate instruments most of the time, helping us to judge the exposure of scenes and produce gorgeous photos. However, they’re not infallible and sometimes we need to use our better judgement to over-ride the automatic meter reading and achieve our ends. When you’re using aperture priority, shutter priority, or […]

Exposure explained feature

As a photographer one of the first things that you need to understand is exposure, or how to control light to create an image. If you’re new to photography or have just picked up a camera with manual control for the first time, we suggest that you start here. Learning how to manipulate light to […]


Earlier today, we published our 2015 CES round-up, so yes, there was a lot of cool and interesting photography stuff launched at CES. But that’s only part of the story. I’ve been to CES quite a few times now, and I can’t help but notice that photography is starting to be less and less of […]


Everything, well, mostly everything—no, actually, make that the photography-related news—that went down in Las Vegas at CES this year, sliced and diced for your easier digestion.

Built-in flash feature

When you’re starting out with something, you go with what you’ve got. Whether that’s improvising with kitchen equipment in your student flat or using the built-in flash on your new camera, so be it. Built-in flash might be far from ideal—it’s a harsh light coming straight at the subject that casts short, dark shadows and […]

4 tips feature

Congratulations! You’ve made the exciting leap from smartphone camera to a fully-fledged machine that allows you take much more control over your picture-taking activity. But with so much more now at your fingertips: more capability, more options, more buttons, where should you start?

2014 review

Happy 2015!

January 01 , 2015 by Daniela Bowker - in Team Photocritic

As 2014 draws to its close and 2015 dawns, Team Photocritic is reflecting on a year that has seen our website’s tenth birthday. Through various incarnations and guises, Haje Jan has been running this gig for a decade and Daniela threw in her lot about five years ago. We wouldn’t dedicate this much time to […]

2015 project

As we usher 2014 out of the back door and welcome in 2015 through the front, some of us might be turning our thoughts to selecting a photographic project to last us the next 12 months. We’ve put together eight suggestions for projects that you can focus on with as much vigour or as vague […]

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