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May 10 , 2013 by: Daniela Bowker News, The weekly news round-up


Last week I trundled off to the Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition at Somerset House. If you don’t have the opportunity to go along for yourself and take a look, my thoughts are here.

Haje’s been testing Triggertrap’s peekaboo mode. It yielded some… interesting… results.

Camera-wise, Sony announced a new super-zoom last week, the HX50, and there were two new offerings from Panasonic, the G6 and the LF1.

Naturally, there were all the other bits and pieces that we stumbled across, too.


Golf-ball hitting sand… A fantastic photograph taken with one of my favourite photography gadgets: link (2013-04-28 by @Photocritic)

Tribeca Film Festival Vine competition winners are stop-motion masterpieces | link (2013-04-28 by @SmallAperture)

Computer graphics can make water look pretty realistic these days: link (2013-04-26 by @Photocritic)

Sweeeet underwater shot of a freestyle swimmer: link #Inspiration #500px (2013-04-24 by @Photocritic)

Sir Norman Parkinson, fashion photographer, celebrated in Google doodle | link (2013-04-22 by @SmallAperture)

A really cool behind-the-scenes interview about how the Timelapse-tastic title sequence to House of Cards was made: link (2013-04-24 by @Photocritic)

‘Lee Miller: the model, the monster and the mother’ (and of course, the photographer) | link (2013-04-23 by @SmallAperture)

Fantastic photojournalism

Photos of the week from the ever-awesome Full Focus | link (2013-04-29 by @SmallAperture)

A photo story charting the ‘downfall’ of the newspaper industry | link (2013-04-24 by @SmallAperture)

Business tips

Just posted on my blog: “Tools for Startups” link (2013-04-29 by @Photocritic)

How Rigid Should A Brand Style Guide Be? | link (2013-04-26 by @SmallAperture)

What Not To Do In Your Startup Promo Video – @techcrunch rips one start-up to shreds: link (2013-04-25 by @Photocritic)

Interesting: Angellist run the company pretty much without using e-mail. Here’s how and why: link (2013-04-23 by @Photocritic)

How to sell photos online: Some tips | link (2013-04-23 by @SmallAperture)

Useful knowledge

Introduction To Studio Strobes: ‘Hypersync’ And Water Actions Sports link (via the very follow-worthy @DIYPhotography) (2013-04-25 by @Photocritic)

Handy guide to portrait lighting patterns | link (2013-04-25 by @SmallAperture)

Why a 50mm lens is your new best friend | link (2013-04-24 by @SmallAperture)

Building your own flash reflector & diffusor for for Macro Photogrpahy: link (2013-04-22 by @Photocritic)

Impromptu baby photo shoots: some tips and tricks | link (2013-04-23 by @SmallAperture)

How to Take Pictures From the International Space Station link (2013-04-25 by @Photocritic) (You know, in case you’re ever there.)

Rights & privacy

RT @petecarr: *sees photo op… takes photo… gets called a nobhead* That’s #streetphotography in the UK sometimes. Woo yay. (2013-04-27 by @Photocritic)

Protecting Privacy, Limiting Street Photography | link (2013-04-23 by @SmallAperture)

Beyoncé has banned all pro photographers from her concerts. I’m sure that’ll end prettily. | link (2013-04-22 by @SmallAperture)

Cameras past, present, & future

Olympus Launches Teaser Campaign for New Flagship PEN Camera link #Olympus #Excitement (2013-04-26 by @Photocritic)

Awesome Poster Traces History Of Photography With 100 Iconic Cameras | link (2013-04-26 by @SmallAperture)

The Lytro camera is getting competition… From standard SLR cameras: link (2013-04-26 by @Photocritic)

Panasonic Lumix G6 : A Micro Four Thirds for Video Junkies | link (2013-04-25 by @SmallAperture)

Panasonic launches $500 Lumix DMC-LF1 enthusiast compact with WiFi, NFC | link (2013-04-25 by @SmallAperture)

The first portable movie cameras was this 12 fps rifle | link (2013-04-25 by @SmallAperture)

Fujifilm X100S review: Making today’s pictures with yesterday’s design | link (2013-04-23 by @SmallAperture)

FocusTwist to Bring Lytro-style Refocus-able Photos to a Phone Near You link (2013-04-22 by @Photocritic)

Get paid to recycle your old camera gear? Sounds pretty good to me! | link (2013-04-22 by @SmallAperture)

So You Think Your Fuji X-Pro1 Is Too Big? (Thanks, The Online Photographer!) | link (2013-04-22 by @SmallAperture)


This is one crazy wonderful bird that can imitate a camera shutter sound | link (2013-04-24 by @SmallAperture)

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