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Easy-to-make photo videos with Flipagram

December 30 , 2013 by: Daniela Bowker Equipment, Reviews

Seeing as half the world and their spouses appear to be producing some variation on 2013 In Review articles, videos, and compilations, I thought I’d go for a variation on the variation of 2013 In Review. I’ve made a sneak peek Flipagram of some of the photos that will be appearing in my Social Photography book, which is due to be released in spring 2014. It’s a prospective retrospective, I suppose.

As for Flipagram, it’s a rather nifty app that I discovered when a photographer whom I follow on Instagram compiled her best bits of 2013 into a slick looking video. (Thanks, Natalie Norton!) It allows you to hook up to Instagram to make a digital flipbook of your favourite photos, or if you’re not of the Instagram persuasion, to do it from your smartphone’s camera roll.

Photo 30-12-2013 14 06 01

Once you’ve selected your images you can arrange them in your preferred order, crop them to fit Flipagram’s square format, duplicate them for added impact, decide between a 15 second or 30 second video playtime, and choose a soundtrack if you fancy. After that, you hit the button and Flipagram compiles your video for you. Then you can share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or YouTube, or you can email it away. There’s no option to embed your videos from the Flipagram site, but if you upload them to YouTube, you can embed from there.

I was impressed by how easy it was to compile a little video and finish it the way that I wanted it finished. At the moment you can’t return to edit a saved video, but Flipagram has developments in the pipeline, so that might be one of them. And useful it would be, too.

Flipagram is free, nothing to do with Flipboard, available for Android and iOS, and worth a download for a bit of fun.

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  • This app doesnt show the full picture it zooms it in ? and theirs no way to go back and fix anything ?

    • The app is based on the Instagram concept, so it crops images in the square format by default. However, there’s nothing to stop you from re-scaling or re-cropping your chosen photos in the edit stage. Tap on the photo and pinch-to-zoom or do the reverse.

    • To change the cropping of your photos, tap on the “Fit” text at the bottom of the Add Moments page (this is the page where you see all of the photos that you chose in a grid view).

      You will also have the ability to crop individual photos once you import your photos into the “Add Moments” page of Flipagram.

      We hope this helps! Thank you so much for using Flipagram.

  • This app doesn’t let you arrange photos at will pic by pic. It only lets you load the pics and select oldest to newest or newest to oldest. In the order that the picture was taken- not the order in which u touched on them to load them.

    • I just double-checked, and you can definitely re-arrange your photos into the order that you want to see them. It’s a drag-and-drop process when you’ve selected all of them from your camera roll.

  • It’s not allowing me to save the vids onto my slideshow.How do i save them?

    • Hi Eva

      If you are still having this issue, please email us at support@flipagram.com and we will be happy to help :)

      Thank you!

  • Hi, can you put your flipagram movie clip onto a dvd disc to send to other peopl√®? (Like Grandparents!). Thanks in advance

    • Did you get an answer to this as I am trying to do the same thing x

    • I would like to know how to transfer to a DVD also

      • Jules, Mark, and Katie :)

        Thank you for using Flipagram!
        To do this, you can email the video to yourself from your photo gallery of your device.
        Then, download that video to your computer through the email, and then you can burn it to a DVD with any DVD burning software that computer may have.

        We hope this helps!
        Thanks again!

  • do u have an average amount of photos u are supposed to put

  • flipagram is disgusting i hate this app and i would not recommend GETTIMNG MASSIEV WASTE OF TIME

    • Out of interest, what makes it so awful? It’s helpful to understand why you don’t think it’s a good app.

  • Is there no way to change your cover photo once you’ve posted the video?

    • Hi Shawna

      We will soon have a feature that will allow you to edit the most recent Flipagram you’ve made! We hope to have this out within the next couple of weeks.

      Thank you so much for your support.

  • Please review and compare with other awesome apps that make video quality and save quickly than Flipagram, It’s PicMotion

    • For reference: Picmotion is Android and Amazon compatible, but doesn’t have an iOS app.

  • When will they release a version of flipagram for windows phone?

    • Hello

      Thank you for your interest in Flipagram.
      We are working with a Windows team as we speak. They have released Flipagram for some Windows devices on Windows 8.1. They will continue to work to get it out to more and more Windows users.

      Thank you again!

  • can you burn a flipgram onto a dvd?

  • Hello,

    I emailed the flipagram to myself, because I want to burn it on dvd. But when I open the file, I see the video, I can watch it but I cannot copie it to my pc! I just end up on the flipagram site but nowhere can I safe it on my pc :-(

    • I am having the same problem. I have the email of the video, but nowhere can I see where to download it.

  • I posted a short 30 second video before i figured out how to really do everything on flipagram. i have been able to go back and edit the video and have perfected the video exactly how i want it, but when i share it again after saving it how i wanted it, it is still sharing the original video. not the completed. am i doing something wrong? i want to share the finished video not the short original video

  • Am I able to edit my flipgram?

  • Hi edited my flipagram video at the speed and length I wanted and happy with and after it finalized it it went super fast too fast! This has happened twice now is there anyway of going back am I missing something?

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