Sunrise over Edinburgh on my birthday

Flickr launches Yahoo PIcture of the Day

December 02 , 2013 by: Daniela Bowker Newsflash!

Flickr is home to billions of pictures and the stories that they go with them. There are glimpses into different lives, snapshots of the everyday and the mundane, and insights into the curious, beautiful, and wonderful. By teaming up with Yahoo’s picture editors and the Yahoo News site, Flickr is hoping to reveal more of these stories to an audience larger than just the Flickr community with its Picture of the Day project.

From 9 December, Yahoo News will be featuring a Picture of the Day on its French, German, Italian, Middle Eastern, South African, and UK sites. Anyone who submits one of their images to the Yahoo Picture of the Day pool on Flickr can be in with a chance of seeing it, and its story, shared with Yahoo News’ readers. The plan is to expand it to other countries with time.

Sunrise over Edinburgh on my birthday

Sunrise over Edinburgh on my birthday

As well as submitting your image to the Yahoo Picture of the Day pool on Flickr, it’ll need to be titled meaningfully and carry a description that outlines its story adequately. After that, it’s down to the Yahoo picture editors.

The chances of seeing your photo on Picture of the Day? Slim-to-none, at a guess. But it’s good to dream. And it’s another way for Yahoo! to get more eyeballs on Flickr, too.

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