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Beyond the stuff I’ve been posting in my twitter stream, I haven’t really had much time to post proper blog posts here on this blog recently – and my apologies about that. What I have been doing, however, is browsing Flickr to get some amazing inspiration, ideas, and tips for the whats and hows of photography. Throughout the past few weeks, I’ve been keeping bookmarks of my best finds.

I’ve found a whole load of amazing photographers who have made me smile, filled me with wonder, made me shy with inadequacy, and proud to be part of this whole ‘photography’ thing. My only shame in all of this is that there are many more than 50 good – nay, great – photographers out there – so I would very much like to encourage you to post a comment with your favourite Flickr streams…

So hereby, without further ado or messing about – my top 50 recent finds on Flickr.  

Stella Brazil has an amazing knack for taking some truly phenomenal photos of people, making them seem alive, passionate, and really zing on the screen. Especially worth checking out: Beauty and Eu estou feliz

Uncle Phooey‘s photostream is full of amazing macro, nature, and colour. An exploration into and a celebration of landscapes, animals, nature, and the world around us, along with the occasional HDR photo.

Heyoka‘s photostream is dedicated to a lot of different stuff, but is currently focussed on using old processes. Only last week did she show me how to pour my own collodion wet plate, and her photo stream is a ringing endorsement of the awesomeness of doing photography the old fashioned way.

KhayaL‘s photostream is one of pure, unadulted magic and fantasticness. Strong forms, amazing colours, and a deep, intricate sense of detail makes me come back to KhayaL’s photos again and again. Check out The Castle and Psyche, and The Drama for example. Amazing stuff.

adampigott‘s photos are… well… very difficult to describe in words. The man has an astonishing ability to take deeply conceptual shots and really make them stand out. There are some fantastic portraits in there, some stonking nature shots, and some lovely architecture stuff as well. Highly recommended.

Gretchen Burkhart is a photographer who makes me regret not picking up photography earlier – at 17, she’s on par with many more established photographers, and is displaying a particularly fresh approach to portraiture. Her Senior Photos set, for example, is fab, but the rest of her photostream is also worth looking at – it shows a beautiful progression from casual snapshots and experimental self portraits, developing to the most recent shots in the series. Most impressive.

Davide Cherubini seems to have a bit of a fetish for old bicycles, and – to be honest – that’s all right by me. His cityscapes are colourful, filled with emotion, and more than a little bit of nostalgia. Pure beauty. La Bicicletta Rosa and Porta Storta are two excellent examples of his style

0olong‘s an old friend of mine, and he has an interesting eye for photography to say the least – not always technically perfect, but he’s one of the photographers I know who really knows how to spot an image – especially with his gritty portraiture style or when photographing his other hobby – Clay modelling!

Lord V is one of the Macro Photography heavy-weights on Flickr, with literally thousands of absolutely, gobsmackingly awesome photographs. Dewdrop Reflection, Lichen and Cold weather Bluebottle will get you started…

Tala‘s photos tend to have a beautiful dreamlike quality to them. It’s obviously the portfolio of a photographer who is still trying to develop her style fully, but the snippets she’s posting along the way are gorgeous. Especially awesome: dance and explode and this self portrait

Unfurled‘s photo stream is something else – and her self portraits especially are a wicked example of how you don’t need others to model for you. this one, and this one, for example, are rather cool.

Anoop Negi has a couple of hundred photos in his stream, and most of them are awesome – the bulk of them are taken in India, and there are some really moving portraits in there – see Krishna A Child in Time. Vrindavan On A Foggy Day and OM SHIVAYA NAMAHA!!

Sarah Sitkin‘s photo stream is full of surrealist gems of concentrated awesome. Check out her recent self portrait and the awesome Roadblock Rosslyn Rooftop for example. Wow, just wow.

Ed_Z does portraiture in an not-entirely-conventional way, but boy does it pay off. The Smoking Bride, and Stephanie in Red, for example, are both well worth a look

Gregor Winter shares his street photography on Flickr, and boy, am I glad he does… Gorgeous, off-the-cuff, mostly black-and-white shots which never cease to amaze me – great work from a fabulous photographer.

Greyhound Rick is an excellent example of a niche photographer – but man, is he getting it right. Out of his 600-odd photos, there are a lot of great studies of greyhounds in action – check out this one and don’t miss this one either… Such beauty!

hsmithphotography seems to have developed a retro-tastic photography style which just makes me grin uncontrollably – Leave my kitten alone and I’m Only Sleeping both have me reaching for my camera to try out something similar.

Cross Photography is a cross-dicipline photographer who is equally at home doing hard-hitting portraiture, industrial stuff, and tasteful nudes (NSFW).

Tarcisio_K has an eye for the dramatic, and while not all of his images are of the same quality, the good ones are truly fabulous – Sing Together, Blue Sky and Shadows and Shades are all examples of really simple ideas that just zing off the screen.

If her photo stream is anything to go by, Beth Jansen is a hell of a lot more patient than me, working as a children’s photographer. I’m not a big fan of kids, but damn are these little humans well captured! I defy you to look at this one and not go ‘awww’.

Ran is an Icelandic photographer who has put some of her amazing portraiture (see this and this – wow) and landscapes (here, and don’t miss this one) on halt recently to photograph the recent political mess in Iceland.

Mehrad.HM‘s photo stream is filled with little gems of type awesome – everything from innovative portraiture via nature photography to some more experimental stuff – lovely!

Mode is one of those people who just intrinsically understands how colour works, but more importantly, how you can make colour work for you – whether he’s photographing skylines, people, fruit, or
buildings, he just keeps getting it right.

N Root‘s street photography fills me with inspiration and a nearly unstoppable urge to grab a camera and just get out there.

I’ve tried ‘a photo a day’ projects many a times, but none of them got off to nearly as good a start as SaylaMarz‘s current shot at it – only 27 days in, and there’s a huge amount of variety and tension in the series. Most impressive – one to follow in 2009, I reckon!

::reflecting truth:: is a good fit with SaylaMarz, seeing as she completed a 356-photos set in 2008, and is an excellent example of how gorgeously awesome it can be done. Although, hey, wasn’t 2008 a leap year? Hmm…

Dan Kitwood is an award-winning photographer whose flickr stream explains exactly how that came about – by taking astonishing photographs, of course!

NNBB & Alf have a mixture of street- and portraiture photography which works very well together – check out Victoria, this shot, and this one, too.

Natasha Klimchuk has a huge collection of people in their natural environments, and they’re all bloody awesome. Her Portraits and Cuba photosets are fantastic!

JavaJive‘s done a fair bit of travelling, especially around Indonesia, and as a result of that (and of being a rather awesome photographer, of course), he’s got tonnes of photos worth checking out in his photo stream

Rcherms is another photographer whose street photography is worth a peek – varying between the ridiculous and the divine, it is certain to make you smile, at least! Special treats: Rosario and Fear the Rabbit

Aaron Courter‘s stream is an eclectic mix in which the common ingredient is pure ingenuity. Check out O Brother, which is an adorable portrait indeed, and Wall-E, which made me grin like a lunatic – such a good capture!

Greg the Bunny‘s portraiture is out of this world – and with a 5,000 image strong photostream, there’s plenty to explore. Start with these three: one, two (NSFW), three.

Eickholt has some great nature photos in store for you – see his photo of Harley the dog and the 4 confused mountain goats, for example!

Russ_t_UK‘s photostream has a lot of cool stuff in it, including some exciting travel photography, and some really cool long-shutter work (see this and this, for example)

Cabbit‘s photo stream is filled with fantastic architectural stuff from Canada, some quirky portraiture, and some other nuggets of awesome, like this portrait of MySpace the Cat. He’s got a lot of scraps and photos which might be better suited for Facebook on there as well, but well worth a browse nonetheless!

Anita Lee is one of the photographers I came across when I was researching for my Macro Photography book, and I still keep going back for more – Her series on dragonflies is fantastic!

Mendis is a nature photographer based in Singapore, who I’ve been a fan of for a very long time indeed. His macro work is something to behold!

AirBrontosaurus is a nature- and macro photographer of an truthfully wicked calibre, who has spent more time with the MPE lens than what’s healthy – but with results that make it all worth it, of course.

Only Alice does the architectural and portraiture things extremely well indeed, as witnessed by this gate in Marrakech, this graffiti capture, and much of the rest of her stream. Awesome stuff.

Martin Jacobsen is known chiefly for his design- and Flash magic, but damn, if the boy can’t take photos, too! His Jumping series and some of his portraits (also) are well worth a look.

Ronnie Rabena Photography is a great example of what happens when a photographers gets his claws into Photoshop well and proper. Disappear and Expect the Unexpected are just the kinds of things that make you take a double-take… Before grinning and reaching for your e-mail client to show your friends.

Chomdee appears to have set out to capture London in all its glory, and so far, I’ve got to say, he’s succeeding pretty damn well! Witness SOHO and Tower of London, for example.

Sakura* has a soft, almost tender photography style which I deeply admire – her use of shallow depth of field is beautiful. It’s got to be said – anyone who can photograph a simple cup of Starbucs with delicacy has to be applauded :)

Benroberts is another photographer who has an interesting way of seeing people – whether it’s the stark, the contrasty or the quirky, Ben’s your man.

Locaburg is one of the photographers who somehow manages to see, and capture, the vivacious colourfulness of life, expressed with passion, a sense of sarcasm and tongue in cheek. Beautiful.

Put simply, Jam 2.0 gets people. His forte of capturing even party photos, off-the-cuff shots and what most closely resembles to street photography makes me think he’s probably practically glued to his camera – but upon seeing the results, I’m sure his friends can forgive him.

Finally, my own photo stream is where you’d expect it, but I’ve not used Flickr much recently – although I’m intending to put a change to that soon!

Phew, that’s a hell of a lot of photographers, one hell of a mess of links, and tens of thousands (maybe even hundreds of thousands – who am I to keep track) of photographs for you to take a look at.

Don’t try it all at once, but have a look at a few at least… And if nothing else, do keep checking the rather awesome Flickr feature which shows you the most interesting photos in the past 7 days. I’ve had it as the start page of my browser at work for a while, now, and it usually wakes me up in the morning, at least!

Do you enjoy a smattering of random photography links? Well, squire, I welcome thee to join me on Twitter –

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